Three out of four siblings waiting at the bus stop. Twin B is wearing her Minnie Mouse beanie with last year’s too-small jacket. Seven-year old has a first grade smile. Eleven-year old has pants that are too big. Twin A is still sleeping. Gratitude for Twin A.

How many loads of laundry until I’m caught up for 12 hours? Approximately four, not including folding the wrinkled clothes left overnight in the dryer.

Wake up progeny. Beg 11-year old to eat more than a granola bar for breakfast. Remind him to return overdue library book.

Ask 7-year old…

The author’s four children watching fireworks in the street on New Year’s Eve 2021.

Christmas cards — I love receiving them. All the rest of the year long, my mailbox holds ads, bills, coupons for highly processed pantry items and the occasional birthday invitation for my kids. It almost never gives me real mail — not letters or postcards from family and friends, not…

Photo by Yoksel 🌿 Zok on Unsplash

Kids today just don’t get it. Generation Z and beyond exist in a world where parents have infinite choice when it comes naming newborn humans.

I know this first hand, having spent a chunk of my professional life as an educator of Gen-Zs. Even when I taught five overflowing high…

Cracker in the 60's

Hey, Crack.

I think about you all the time. I do. I remember your small feet, your boney chicken legs. The way you wore a French twist and eyeliner every day, and how I rarely saw you get ready; you always just were. I think about your hands, covered in…

Heather Lynne Sparks

Bibliotherapist. Tired but hopeful mother of four. Boy mom. Girl mom. Twin mom. Former high school English teacher who spills her guts right here.

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